Click login button in gambunny website.

点击"login" 以便登陆。

Fill in your email, password and secure code. Click "Submit".

输入你的邮箱,密码和安全码。 然后点击“Submit”。




Look for 《武林英雄》 picture as shown above. Click "merge account" button below of the picture.

点击《武林英雄》图片下的 "merge account" 按钮。


Fill in your Game ID and password. Then click "Submit" button.

填入您的游戏帐号与密码。点击"Submit" 按钮。


Done ! You can now transfer your bunny point to purchase in-game money.

完成!您现在可以转换 "bunny point" 以便购买游戏币。 

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